Experiences from Solemaids Partners

Here we have gathered statements from our partners

“As a secretary on a clinic where we offer Solemaids it’s incredible to experience the children walking into the clinic, clearly affected by their heel pain and then an hour later you see the same child run out of the clinic with a big smile on their face.”
“It’s very easy and simple to work with the insoles”
“The biggest challenge with Solemaids for me is that I need a good way to advertise this - because it is a good product. It works and I want more people to experience it. And we must get more people to try it - they should.”
"When you are able to help the children with their heel pain like this it just makes you happy!”
“I’ve never worked with insoles before. I became a part of Solemaids as I had a lot of connections to the local sports clubs and often saw children with sports injuries, including heel pain. Now I’m able to help these children.”
“The high success rate is amazing; I’ve never tried anything like this as a therapist”
“We need to think about the purpose of our treatment. Is it to cure these children of Sever’s disease? That’s not possible. Or is it to relieve pain? We need to educate them on handling their pain and let them know that it’s all right to play as much football as possible.”
“I see 16-20 patients each day with all kinds of problems. That’s why I like the Solemaids consultation tool, because it makes it a lot easier to remember the different steps and I know what to do. It’s very practical.”