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Knowledge bank

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Winter and heel pain

Winter is here and children are once again indoors in sports halls around the country pursuing their favourite sports. Here are the factors to look out for to prevent injury. Change of season increases the risk of overload Children playing sports both indoors and outdoors often find there is an overlap period, when the level […]

Clinical research shows that heel pain in children is widespread

Researchers at SDU have been gathering data on children in schools and kindergartens in Svendborg Municipality since 2008 [1]. One of the objectives is to study whether a longer school day is beneficial to childrens’ health and whether they experience pain in muscles and joints. By Signe Fuglkjær, chiropractor, PhD. Sever’s disease is the most […]

Test your child

Is heel pain caused by Sever’s disease? ✔ Your child is active in sports. ✔ Your child suffers from constant or recurring pain in the heels. ✔ You have tried to give your child a rest from sport but as soon as he/she starts again, the pain returns. Does this sound familiar? If so, there […]