Gymnastics and heel pain

The Solemaids story

Per’s sole purpose

I’ve worked as a physiotherapist for more than 20 years. My area of specialization is foot and lower leg injuries. So I’ve seen and treated a fair number of feet.

My interest in heel pain – and specifically Sever’s disease – began during my first years in the clinic. I noticed that the number of patients referred to me with heel pain increased year by year. Most of them were young children and teenagers, between the ages of 8 and 14.

What these kids had in common was their high level of physical activity. Many of them attended sports – gymnastics, football, handball, athletics – several times a week. Some of them had even been singled out as young talents.

Sitting on the bench

But when these kids turned up in the clinic with their parents, their activity had been put on hold. And they were frustrated.

Their heels were giving them so much pain, during as well as after training, that they’d had been advised to take a break from their sport – in the hope that a period of rest would help the pain go away.

As a former athlete myself, I know what it’s like to suffer injuries. To have to put your passion on hold and watch from the bench while the rest of the team move forward and have fun.

Finding the right solution

Determined to get these kids back into their game, I searched the market for insoles and tried out various models on them. But none of them provided the effective and consistent pain relief they needed.

I realized that if I were to give these kids the solution they needed, I had to invent it myself.

After months of testing, trying out different materials and finetuning levels of elevation, I finally had an insole that provided exactly the right suspension that relieved pressure from the heel.

Extending the Solemaids range

These founder stories usually end with ‘And the rest is history’. But that’s not the case for Solemaids. We’ve only just begun.

Designing and producing insoles specifically for children with Sever’s disease has given us the experience and expertise to extend our range. We also design insoles for other foot conditions, such as metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), heel spurs and arch tendonitis, allowing children and adults with these complaints to stay active.

Test your child for Sever’s disease here.