Sunshine Stories

At Solemaids are we collectors of good stories – and we are always so excited when we recieve feedback from children and parents. Here you can read a few sunshine stories.

"This is a message to say a massive thank you to you and your team! It has been 2 months now since Lewis received your insoles. Granted at first it took him some time to get used to the arches and it was uncomfortable as you explained. After resting for 5 weeks prior to our consultation Lewis is now able to do athletics, soccer, hurling etc. He has no pain when doing so, which is amazing. You were completely right it’s not the athlete that needs the rest it’s the heel. He is back to sport every night of the week thanks to the ‘magic insoles’."
Lewis & Will Morgan
“As hoped, we have seen an improvement in Luca’s heel pain! Recently he played a handball match for 30 minutes without problems. He also did a marathon handball session for 14 hours, without being bothered by heel pain. He’s using Solemaids insoles daily and remembers to change them between his different footwears. We are very satisfied."
“The insoles helped immediately as you predicted and as they were supposed to! It took a little getting used to, but it all went very well. A couple of weeks ago he complained a little about increasing pain despite the insoles, but it’s like it went away on its own again"
“Sophie has not had heel pain since! She even did an hour of PE at school and one and a half hours of football training Wednesday without feeling the least bit in her heels 😊 I was a little excited to see if she could get used to the new pressure underneath the foot, but it was only for the first couple of days that she was a bit sore. It’s simply great to see a happy girl who can run with her friends without having pain and feeling the need to take breaks and rest.
“Christian has played all that he wants! Both inside and outside for about 3-4 times a week. He’s still a bit sore but it doesn’t bother him and he’s not complaining that it gets worse after training. This week he’s been to practice Monday, to an intensive football event Tuesday to Wednesday, without heel pain – it's a miracle.
“After 3-4 days she had gotten used to the insoles! After a week she tried to go for a short run, and it went so well. She hasn’t done that in about 2 years without having pain for several days afterwards. Thank you so much for the help 😊.
“After a week with her new Solemaids insoles she went to gymnastics practice again – almost without any pain! There were a few of the exercises that she wasn’t comfortable with at first. Now she’s using the insoles in all her footwear, she simply moves them every time she changes shoes. We are so happy that she got the help she needed, and we recommend Solemaids!"