Solemaids insoles help to relieve heel pain caused by Sever’s disease.

An insole solution to Sever’s disease

The solution to Sever’s disease

Fitting the child’s footwear with Solemaids insoles allow them to walk, jump and run without putting pressure on the heels.

The foam-based, cushioning wedge lifts the heel bone, moving pressure from the growth plate in the heel onto the forefoot. When the heel is suspended in this way, the pressure is relieved. And so is the pain.

A unique, patented design

Solemaids insoles are carefully designed to ensure a optimal pain relief and a perfect fit for each child.

The insoles are made up of many different layers of material. This carefully engineered construction ensures the right level of suspension of the heel as well as optimal comfort and support for the entire wear time.

As the many layers of material make the construction of the insole is fairly complex, the production process is supervised by Solemaids experts to make sure each product meets the highest standards for fit and quality.

All production takes place in Denmark.

Safe and certified

As with any healthcare product, it is crucial that clinicians and parents have absolute trust in the safety of the product.

Solemaids has obtained CE marking, which indicates that the insoles comply with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the EU.

Solemaids runs regular tests to make sure the insole has the right chemical, physical and micro-biological properties.

Insoles for other foot conditions

Designing and producing insoles specifically for children with Sever’s disease has given us the experience and expertise to extend our range.

We also offer insole solutions for other foot conditions, such as metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), heel spurs and arch tendonitis, allowing children and adults with these complaints to stay active.

We’d be happy to tell you more about the design of the insoles and results we’ve seen. So if you want to know more or have any questions, please reach out to us.