This is our Solemaids PF FAQ. Here you can find answers to all questions you might have about getting used to your new insoles. 

Getting used to the insoles is different for each patient as the construction of the insoles will provoke a varying degree of pain or discomfort in the arch. Depending on diagnosis and duration of heel pain, it’s best to make a plan with your Solemaids specialist on how to gradually increase time using the insoles.  

Yes. The insoles should be used for as many hours as possible. If the arch is too painful from using the insoles, then gradually build up the usage, e.g., 1-2 hours the first day and then gradually increase time. Some can use the insoles for an entire day from day one, whereas others are still only able to use the insoles for a couple of hours each day after a month. 

Yes. It’s important that you push yourself to use the insoles. Do not discontinue the use of the insoles if you have discomfort or pain within the first 1-2 months. 

First you should determine if the pain is coming from the arch or the heel. Most people experience a significant pain reduction in the heel and are not interested in ending treatment with the insoles. If you still have pain in the arch after 2 months, use the insoles for fewer hours and supplement the insoles with another pain-relieving treatment.

Yes. It is possible for some to still experience heel pain in the morning and night when they are barefooted – even after several months. But the insoles still help you through the day with less or no pain at all. Others experience that using the insoles a couple of hours during the day will make it possible for them to go for a pain-free walk without the insoles.

No. It is not possible to get a full return for Solemaids PF if the effect is absent. 

You need to assess for yourself when the insoles are no longer needed.  

If you can walk 5K without any problems then running can gradually be introduced on walks.  

No. The insoles are developed to treat plantar heel pain and not posterior heel pain. 

Yes. The insoles relieve plantar heel pain for all foot types.

No. There should be room for the insoles and the feet. Too narrow or tight footwear does not work. The insoles cannot be used in an open sandal. 

Yes. However, we most often recommend that the insoles are accompanied with exercises to increase movement in the Achilles tendon and in the arch, as plantar heel pain amongst other things can cause reduced dorsal flexion of the ankle.

No. Only adults can have plantar fasciitis. If a child has heel pain, it’s most likely Sever’s disease. Read more about Sever’s disease here.