The best insoles to treat heel pain

Solemaids insoles are designed to relieve pressure from the heel, so the patients can remain active despite heel pain. The insoles are not intended to correct the foot. Instead, they remove impact from the heels by suspending the rear part of the heel bone. It is that simple.  

Furthermore, we are happy that our partners can help more patients with heel pain due to our insole solutions.

Help people remain active

More than 5 years helping heel pain patients with insoles

In 2017 the company Solemaids was established and since then our insoles have helped more than 7000 children remain active. During these years we’ve worked to help as many children as possible while maintaining the high level of quality as well, which is why we continue to train other health professionals with the same passion as ours. Our hope is that our insole solutions can help as many people as possible remain active, healthy and improve their quality of life. 

Made in Denmark

Solemaids insoles are handmade orthotics made at our own production site in Denmark, so that we can ensure the quality is met with each pair of insoles. They are not the usual over-the-counter shoe inserts or heel lifts. 

Solemaids insoles are made from simple and high-quality materials to a finished product. The Solemaids insoles are handmade, which is essential and necessary as they are made of different materials. In this way, we also have good control that the quality is as it should be. 

The Solemaids Severs insoles are made to give the heel rest while the child stays active. Solemaids Severs insoles remove the pressure from the heel by suspending the rear part of the heel.

Fitting the child’s footwear with Solemaids insoles allows them to walk, jump and run without putting pressure on the heels. The foam-based, cushioning wedge lifts the heel bone, moving pressure from the growth plate in the heel onto the forefoot.  

Data collection

We want to find out more about children with Sever’s disease and to make sure our Severs insoles continue to have a high success rate. We have gathered data on children receiving our Severs insoles since 2017. In 2023 we launch our own consultation tool used by all Solemaids partners called Solemaids Scientia. Here our partners gather real world data on children with Sever’s disease receiving Severs insoles. We monitor the immediate effect of our insoles at the consultation, and after 3 weeks and 3 months. In this way, Solemaids Scientia helps our Solemaids partners follow up on their patients.

Treatment guarantee

After many years where children have used our insoles with great success, we believe so much in our product that we offer a treatment guarantee and full-return policy on the insoles for each child. This is a safety for you as a Solemaids specialist and for the parents and children as they only pay for the product if they are pleased with the result. Within the first 6 weeks the patient has the possibility of returning the insoles and get a full refund of the insoles’ price if there’s no effect. Solemaids Severs helped more than 2500 children in 2021 and only 1% of insoles were returned to us.

90 % have immediate pain relief with Solemaids Severs

From clinical experience and data, we know that 9 out of 10 children experience immediate pain relief. We also know that a few children don’t have good effect from our insoles. That’s why we offer a treatment guarantee and have a full return policy within the first 6 weeks after the initial consultation.

Patented, Trademark protected and CE-certified

As with any healthcare product, it is crucial that our partners and patients have absolute trust in the safety of the product. Therefore, we work hard at Solemaids to secure our products. That is why we are also very proud of our various trademarks, patent, design protection and CE-marking. This is a quality assurance of our insoles, and we always endeavour to do our best.

Solemaids PF (Plantar Fasciitis or Pain Free) treats adults with long-term plantar heel pain who haven’t had effect from other treatment options. The Solemaids PF insoles can relieve pain in patients diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, heel pad syndrome, calcaneal fracture, stress fracture, calcaneal neuroma, and bone bruise.  

Solemaids PF insoles are developed with a sole purpose, which is to relieve plantar heel pain. The insoles are built with a wedge that suspends the rear part of the heel, giving total relief and a break for the heel. This means that the heel will get rest, even when the patient is moving and being active. The insoles do not correct the posture, so if the patient needs correction, you need to do that afterwards with another type of insole. 

As therapists we need an effective treatment to help adults stay active. With the Solemaids PF insole it is possible to do just that! Are you an adult with heel pain? Find your specialist here. 

How the insoles relieve heel pain

We believe pain relief should be as simple, non-invasive, and easy as possible – that's what you’ll get with Solemaids PF. With a simple set of insoles your patient can start walking and be active again with a minimum of pain. As Solemaids PF give the heel rest while the patient is active, it provides you with a long-term treatment and solution. If you have experience treating heel pain, you’re probably used to other treatments such as K-taping, shock wave, exercises, laser therapy, heel cups, pain medication or cortisone injections. From our experience these solutions can have a short-term effect but then require repetitive treatment to maintain optimal relief.