Find a Solemaids clinic in Bermuda

Here you’ll find an overview and contact information of the Solemaids clinic in Bermuda. Our insoles are only available at certified clinics

Meet Caroline Roque

She is the first Solemaids partner in Bermuda. Caroline is a paediatric physiotherapist whose own child suffers from Sever’s disease and therefore sought our insoles. We are so happy that Caroline will now be able to help children in Bermuda with Sever’s disease.

At our initial meeting Caroline told us that some children play football on concrete and the pitches are also harder ground than normal, which could be a reason that a lot of kids get Sever’s in their community. We experienced a demand for Solemaids in Bermuda, and we did a lot of online consultations with children in Bermuda. Now we are happy to offer them a local provider!