The Solemaids training course:

Learn the best treatment for heel pain

To become a Solemaids provider you will participate in one of our Solemaids training courses. We provide both in-person training and online training and we always aim for you to decide preferred day and time. 

What training course do you need?

Here you’ll find an overview of the training courses we offer and a short description of the content and format of each training course. 

If you want to join one of our Solemaids training courses, please contact us here.  

The Solemaids Sever’s Training Course

This is the original Solemaids training course. It lasts for 3 ½ hours and can be either online or in-person. There’s a maximum of 4 participants for this training course. The training course is practical and theoretical as there’s a patient demonstration included. This means that you will have to book a patient during the training course. The patient will receive a free pair of insoles as he/she participates in your training. The training course begins with a theoretical background on Sever’s disease and our clinical experience from seeing children with Sever’s disease. Then you’ll be introduced to our consultation tool and data collection system, Solemaids Scientia, and then a walkthrough of the start package including fitting of the insoles. The practical part of the training course starts with a patient demonstration from the Solemaids Instructor and then it’s your turn to do a consultation with all you’ve learned in mind.

The Solemaids PF Training Course 

The Solemaids PF training course lasts for 2 ½ hours and is only available online. There’s a limit of four participants for this training course. The training course is theoretical. You’ll get a presentation about plantar heel pain diagnoses and how heel pain affects adults. Then the Solemaids instructor will introduce clinical cases with Solemaids PF and guide you through how to use the insoles and fit them to the patient.

The Solemaids combination Training Course

The Solemaids combination training course lasts for 4 ½ hours and includes information and training about heel pain in both children and adults and provides you with a comprehensive review of our Solemaids Severs and Solemaids PF solutions. The training course is available both online and in-person and has a maximum of 4 participants. This course is both theoretical and practical and you also need to book a child to come to your clinic during the training course.

What does the course include?

We provide you with extensive theoretical knowledge on heel related pain, and we ensure that you get practical hands-on experiences by examining and fitting an insole on a client at your clinic – always supported by one of our certified Solemaids instructors.  

Before the training course you will receive a start package, containing Solemaids insoles, various equipment to fit the insoles and materials to be used during consultation and for marketing the Solemaids solution at your clinic.  

Training course and start package prices vary from country to country. Contact us to get information about the prices where you live.