An insole solution for plantar heel pain

Solemaids PF (Plantar Fasciitis or Pain Free) are insoles that relieve plantar heel pain in adults. Plantar heel pain is pain felt underneath your heel. Solemaids PF insoles are developed with a sole purpose, which is to relieve pain from underneath the heel. The insoles are built with a wedge that suspends the rear part of the heel, giving relief and a break for the heel. This means that your heel will get rest, even when you’re moving and being active.  

As we get older, so does the cells in our body. And your feet carry you and your weight around all your life, meaning that degenerative changes will occur in some way. The padding underneath the foot will over time become thinner and that means that the bone and tendons will be more exposed to impact from walking.  

Solemaids PF insoles are available through certified Solemaids clinics.  

How the insoles relieve heel pain 

The insoles have a wedge that removes pressure from the heel to the middle of the foot. This means that the heel will get rest, even when you move.  

This simple function and purpose of the insoles makes them different from any other insoles on the market for adults with heel pain. Other insoles often work on correcting body posture and giving arch support. Solemaids PF insoles only relieve heel pain underneath the foot, as we believe a simpler solution to be more efficient.   

Solemaids PF reduces pain in your everyday life. So, you, despite pain, can stay active. 

Why to choose Solemaids PF for heel pain

We believe pain relief should be as simple, non-invasive, and easy as possible – that’s what you’ll get with Solemaids PF. With the simple insoles in your shoes, you can start walking and be active again with a minimum of pain. As Solemaids PF gives the heel rest while you are active, it provides you with a long-term effect and solution.   

From our experience other treatments such as; K-taping, shock wave, exercises, laser therapy, heel cups, pain medication or cortisone injections only provide a short-term effect and then require consistent use or repetitive treatment to maintain optimal relief.  

When to choose Solemaids PF for heel pain

If you’ve been struggling with heel pain when stepping on your heel pad for more than a month, we recommend that you see a specialist at a certified Solemaids clinic offering Solemaids PF. Find one near you.

The sooner you seek help for your heel pain, the easier and quicker recovery you can expect.  

A Solemaids PF consultation 

To receive Solemaids PF insoles you must first book a consultation at a Solemaids clinic offering Solemaids PF. Find one here.

When you arrive at the clinic you should bring your preferred footwear for work and everyday use. The consultation begins with an interview on your medical history and a subjective description of how you are affected by heel pain in your everyday life.  After that, the Solemaids specialist will ask you to do some tests and examine your feet to make the right diagnosis.

See a list of the different diagnoses that Solemaids PF can treat here.

When the diagnosis has been made, the specialist will give information on how to deal with this diagnosis and the challenges you experience in your everyday life with heel pain. And give you guidance on how to manage side effects to your heel pain such as reduced strength and mobility.  

If the Solemaids specialist believes the Solemaids PF insoles can help you, we’ll measure your foot to customize the insoles and you’ll receive insoles at the consultation.   

Getting used to the insoles 

To get used to the insoles it’s important to gradually increase the usage. It can take from 1-2 months before you are completely used to the insoles. The construction of the insole changes the pressure underneath the foot. This can create discomfort in the arch. The pain relief from the insoles should outweigh the discomfort in the arch.  

Contact your Solemaids specialist for correct guidance if you are struggling with getting used to the insoles.  

Test if you have plantar heel pain

Are you suffering from heel pain? And are you not sure if Solemaids PF can help you. Do the test in the video to see if Solemaids PF can help you. If the test is positive and you have pain, then we believe our insoles can help you. 

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