Solemaids Scientia

Solemaids Scientia is a consultation tool and data collection system developed to ensure consistency, quality, and simplicity in the Solemaids Severs treatment solution. 

From 2023 all Solemaids partners gather real world data on their patients with Sever’s disease receiving Solemaids Severs insoles. The data is about the children’s activity level, sports activities, level of pain, and how they respond to the Severs insoles; immediately, after 3 weeks, and 3 months.  

As we have partners in different countries, we’ll also be able to compare tendencies and results in different countries. For example, regarding children’s pain levels, age, level of activity and more. 

We look forward to providing you with insights on Sever’s disease in the future. 

We believe that within a couple of years we’ll have the largest database of information regarding Sever’s disease and the effect of our treatment. The insights from the database will be distributed to our partners annually and used to raise awareness about the condition in both professional and commercial settings and communities. We wish to bring these insights to other health professionals and to parents to make sure they know that there is an option to help the children cope with Sever’s disease in a way where they can stay active and healthy – mentally and physically.