Production and Trademarks

The Solemaids insoles production

In Solemaids we have our own insole production facilities in Viborg. Here our insoles are made from materials to a finished product. All material is purchased in the EU. Furthermore, we ensure that we only use materials from suppliers who produce ethically and according to the highest safety and quality standards. You can meet one of our suppliers here.

The Solemaids insoles are handmade, and all production takes place in Denmark. The insoles are made up of several different layers of material. This carefully engineered construction ensures the right level of suspension of the heel as well as optimal comfort and support for the entire wear time. 

The production process is supervised by Solemaids experts. This is to make sure each product meets the highest standards for fit and quality. We make sure each product meets the highest standards for fit and quality. 

We have made a choice to keep producing by hand, as we believe in the craftsmanship and that it can provide something else than new smart technological solutions. In this way, we also have good control that the quality is as it should be, and the insoles are working optimally for everyone. 

Are you experiencing variations in your Solemaids insoles?​

There may be small varieties in the insoles because they are handmade. If you experience major deviations in your insoles, please contact us. It is an important part of our quality management to monitor deviations in our insole production. 

Trademarks, product safety and certification

As with any healthcare product, it is crucial that our partners and patients have absolute trust in the safety of the product. Therefore, we work hard at Solemaids to secure our products. That is why we are also very proud of our various trademarks, patent, design protection and CE-marking. This is a quality assurance of our insoles, and we always endeavour to do our best. 

A unique, patented design

The Solemaids Severs insole and the Solemaids PF insole are carefully designed to ensure optimal pain relief and a perfect fit for each child and adult. 

we have a patent in Denmark and a pending patent in the EU. This is to ensure our unique and carefully designed Solemaids Severs insoles. We also have design protection in the EU and Norway for the Solemaids Severs insole.

We have trademarks for Solemaids insoles in the following countries; Denmark, the EU, Norway, United States of America, Australia and Canada. 

Solemaids is safe and certified

The Solemaids Severs insole has obtained CE marking. The CE marking indicates that the insoles comply with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the EU as well as Turkey. In order for the consumer to know that a product meets the requirements, the product must be marked with the CE marking. The CE marking shows that the manufacturer has given a promise that the product meets the legal requirements.

You can read more about CE marking here.


The following list includes all active trademark registrations, patents, pending patents applications and other certificates that are owned by Solemaids ApS. 

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