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Solemaids is a Danish company with years of experience in treating heel related pain. We educate health professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and podiatrists, with our innovative solutions for heel pain that include thorough examination, information on heel pain and Solemaids insoles. Learn more about us on this page.

We offer health professionals the chance to be a part of a strong community of specialists with similar interests helping children and adults alike relieve pain and stay active.  

Solemaids was founded in 2017 by physiotherapist Per Øllgaard and in 2018 the first certified Solemaids clinic was trained in Denmark. Since then, we have grown and are now more than 100 clinics certified in several countries across Europe, The UK, the US and Australia. It is important to us that we create a community of passionate health professionals who want to contribute to making our vision come true. 

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Our Team

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Solemaids’ head office lies in the heart of Viborg and our production site is located outside of Viborg in Denmark. Meet all of us and learn about us below.  

Per Øllgaard

CEO & Product Manager

Hi! I’m a physiotherapist, founder of Solemaids and the inventor of the Solemaids insoles. I’ve worked with foot- and running related problems in my practice for more than 22 years. I’m responsible for training new Solemaids partners, managing the production of insoles and giving talks on heel problems to health professionals. In my spare time I love to do photography and to dive into small and large construction projects.   

Emilie Maria Rosendahl

Marketing & Communication

Hi! I joined the Solemaids team in August 2023. I work with marketing, social medias and communication. I study International Tourism and Leisure Management at University of Southern Denmark. I enjoy being creative and immersing myself in complex communicative tasks. In my spare time I like to go swimming and reading. 

Paulina Kloster Schütt

Anthropologist & Project Coordinator

Hi! I’m the in-house anthropologist in Solemaids and has been a part of the team since September 2021. Together with Lotte and Anne I’m located at the head office, and I work with small and large projects in all areas of the company and is also a part of the day-to-day operations. In my spare time I’m a volunteer dog trainer and love to spend weekends going for long walks by beaches and in forests.  

Mogens Salkvist

Production Worker

Hi! I’ve been a part of Solemaids since January 2022 and work in the production. I’m a trained baker and have worked for many years with different crafts. I bring this knowledge and experience with me as I build the insoles with fine accuracy. I work structured and make sure to deliver high quality in the product. In my spare time I love to go camping and enjoy visits from my grandchildren and the role of an active granddad.